Group Companies

In order to efficiently service the varied demands of our industry and our customers, we have established the following group companies under the aegis of shri swami samarth shipping co.

  • Shri swami Samarth agroprocessors.
  • Shree Samarth freight.    

Together, we offer end-to-end legal, logistical, warehousing and distribution solutions for our distinguished clientele.

Our Goals And Beliefs

  • to improve and upgrade our services and efficiency levels
  • to address our valuable customers' demands, and to give them utmost satisfaction



  • that nothing is impossible!
  • that individual needs of our customers can and must be addressed

Your Feedback

Dear Customer,
At Shri Swami Samarth Shipping Co., it is a constant endeavor to improve our services and meet your future requirements better.

We therefore request your valuable feedback about our services. Your inputs are critical for our success.
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