Being a customs broker…

The empowers, which allows agents of importers and exporters to act on behalf of importers and exporters. This is necessitated by the highly involved and technical nature of the work to be done in connection with clearance of imports into and exports out of country. The importers and exporters themselves may have neither time nor the requisite knowledge on their own. Therefore, agents are allowed to act on their behalf. The work of the agents is governed by the Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations.

It empowers the agent to do everything that an importer or an exporter can do. Filing a bill of entry, shipping bill, submitting supporting documents therewith, helping in examination of goods, payment of duty on behalf of the principal, warehousing of goods, removal from warehouse and the like.



  • Guidance for preparing import and export related documents as per customs compliance
  • Completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments.



As your INDIA AGENT we offer

  • Routine shipment, Home consumption (Duty paid)
  • In-Bond/Ex-Bond shipment
  • DEPB / EPCG / DFRC / advance license shipments
  • 100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / TP for ships spare-parts / R&D certificate / pass book scheme
  • Project import clearance
  • Direct delivery for perishable & specific cargo
  • Re-import after repairs / exhibition
  • Third country export clearance
  • High seas sale shipment clearance
  • Second hand capital goods
  • Free-of-charges shipments
  • Courier clearance



  • Under free shipping bill
  • Under claim for duty drawback. (All industry rate / brand rate) of dutiable goods
  • Under DEPB shipping bill (duty exemption pass book)
  • Under EPCG (export promotion capital goods)
  • For E.O.U/ EPZ / STP / EHTP
  • Co-ordination with various authorities such as inspection agencies, consulates, quota authorities insurance companies etc.
  • Securing export benefits on behalf of shippers

Export Import License - DGFT Licensing

The business of foreign trade requires a thorough working knowledge of the latest rules and provisions in force from time to time.

Shri Swami Samarth Shipping Co. will be your liaising partner in the field of licensing and policy procedures and handhold you through the complete licensing formalities w.r.t the Director General Foreign Trade.

We are abreast with the latest in export import policies and procedural formalities with respect to your line of business. Our uncompromised service and follow-ups make sure that our clients achieve the desired goals in the least possible time.



Our Services Cover

  • New import-export code (IE code) number
  • Modification/ Duplicate of IE code
  • Updation of IE code
  • DEPB license
  • EPGC license/ Redemption of advance license and EPGC license
  • Transferable duty free authorization
  • Duty script license for service
  • Export house certificates
  • Policy clarification from DGFT (New Delhi)



  • Cases where standard input-output norms are fixed
  • Cases where standard input-output norms are not fixed
  • Terminal excise duty for export under deemed export (refund procedure also undertaken)



  • Vishesh Krishi Yojna duty script
  • Restricted lists
  • Focus - Market or Focus - Product scheme




  • InCustom clearance of
  • Handicraft items,
  • Textiles, Engineering,
  • Chemicals, Plastics,
  • Electronics,
  • Foodstuff Products,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Sports Goods,
  • Sports Requisites Parts, Toys,
  • Games and Sports equipments,
  • Glass and Glass wares, Paper Products,
  • Silk Products,
  • Machinery and
  • Mechanical Appliances,
  • Vehicles,
  • Automotive Parts and others,
  • Miscellaneous items,
  • All perishable item (onion,tomato,fruits,vegitables etc)…

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