Shree Swami Samarth Shipping Co.provides Custom Broker services whereby the customer can manage their inventory efficiently thereby reducing costs & at the same time maintain a effective & faster delivery schedule.The empowers, which allows agents of importers and exporters to act on behalf of importers and exporters. This is necessitated by the highly involved and technical nature of the work to be done in connection with clearance of imports into and exports out of country. The importers and exporters themselves may have neither time nor the requisite knowledge on their own. Therefore, agents are allowed to act on their behalf. The work of the agents is governed by the Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations.

It empowers the agent to do everything that an importer or an exporter can do. Filing a bill of entry, shipping bill, submitting supporting documents therewith, helping in examination of goods, payment of duty on behalf of the principal, warehousing of goods, removal from warehouse and the like.

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